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Candy Kush, sometimes spelled “Kandy Kush,” is a strain of marijuana that is perfect for enjoying at the end of the day. It’s not too pungent or strong taste-wise or smell-wise, but recognizable and pleasant just the same. Candy Kush is a feminized strain of marijuana that is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

This Indica-dominant hybrid has a sweet kind of taste and is beloved by all sorts of marijuana growers and users but in particular the medical marijuana crowd. It does wonders for pain relief, due in large part to its Indica dominance. It also calms down the mood quite a bit, allowing users to relax and unwind pleasantly.

Origin of Candy Kush
This Candy Kush strain comes from the cross-breeding of OG Kush with Blue Dream. OG Kush is a fabled strain that has a variety of stories about its origins, but likely stems from California. Blue Dream is an Indica dominant strain that is legendary within the state of California, giving the Candy Kush its uplifting vibes.

OG Kush and Blue Dream are both Indica-dominant hybrid strains of marijuana, and their combination causes the perfect storm that is Candy Kush, also an Indica-dominant hybrid. Candy Kush is a neat 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, giving it excellent attributes from both strain families.

Effects of Candy Kush
Candy Kush is best enjoyed by medical marijuana enthusiasts or patients, but it also does an excellent job of just getting people to relax or distract their minds from whatever stressful thoughts or situations they are currently dealing with. Whatever anxiety or stressor might be present in your life, Candy Kush can ease those bad feelings away, leaving a pleasant feeling of relaxation and sometimes even couch lock.

Generally speaking, Candy Kush gives the user a high that is extremely focused in the head. This can quickly turn into a couch-locked state, however, especially if the users consume more than they probably should. Then again, a solid couch lock every once in a while certainly isn’t the end of the world.

The most common reactions to smoking Candy Kush include relaxation, happiness, a feeling of being uplifted, euphoria, and hunger. You should have snacks handy and ready to go before smoking Candy Kush, just in case you end up with a combination of couch lock and “the munchies.” You wouldn’t want to be hungry while also being simultaneously too lazy to do something about it!

Adverse Reactions
In addition to having a snack ready to go when you start smoking Candy Kush, you should also have a cup of water or other hydrating liquid on hand. This will help combat the negative effects of having Candy Kush, the most common of which is dry mouth. You can more or less expect to get dry mouth from smoking Candy Kush, but the other adverse reactions are fairly rare.

In addition to dry mouth, someone who smokes Candy Kush could also end up with dry eyes, dizziness, a headache, and sometimes even anxiety. These effects are rare, however, and therefore do not generally need to be worried about unless you have smoked a higher amount than is advisable.

Medical Uses of Candy Kush
In terms of medical marijuana, Candy Kush is actually one of the strongest ones out there. It proves extremely useful to people who have issues related to anxiety or stress. As soon as you smoke Candy Kush, the bad feelings will start to dissipate, and a sense of well-being will begin to take over.

This effect starts immediately in the head, but it will continue its way throughout the whole body as it relieves your aches and pains and relaxes everything in general. Because it is so potent, it is a good idea to take it in moderation and only have it in the evening, when you actually have the opportunity to relax for a while.

The following medical conditions can effectively be treated with Candy Kush:

Lack of appetite

Some people are able to smoke (or consume some other way) Candy Kush in a small amount and function well throughout the day, but this is generally not advised unless you already have ample experience doing so.

Taste and Aroma of Candy Kush
Candy Kush has its name for a reason. Indeed, both the taste and the smell of Candy Kush are some versions of sweet. The smell of this marijuana strain will bring to mind your favorite fruity candies from your childhood, coaxing you into getting up close and personal (and hopefully smoking it).

Its smell is actually helpful to many medical users, simply because they often were not regular marijuana users before having marijuana recommended to them. For that reason, the fact that it is a pleasant smell rather than a strong or pungent one means it is more accessible to those who need it.

The same goes for the taste. Its sweetness has perhaps more of a citrus and berry combination than its smell, making it highly enjoyable to just about anyone (or so we’d like to think).

Growing Candy Kush
Candy Kush plants are medium in size and (roughly 60 inches tall). They are nice to grow simply because they have high THC levels (18%), medium CBD levels, and decent yields -without requiring huge amounts of extra attention. On average, Candy Kush plants will end up with 14 ounces of bud per three square feet of canopy when they are grown indoors, and 17 ounces per plant when they are grown outdoors.

Candy Kush plants have tons of resin despite the fact that they have a relatively short flowering period (between 7 and 9 weeks). They do well indoors if you use scrogging techniques or low-stress training.

In an outdoor setting, Candy Kush marijuana plants prefer a cooler climate. This will work fine when it comes to mold and other issues because they are naturally mold-resistant. For people who live in cooler climates, Candy Kush may be ideal.